Practice makes perfect

This article was to be based on fun projects I have completed over the last 12 months which have also greatly helped my development.

When reading it back I realised I had more to say than I initially intended and so this will be split out into 5 parts.

1. Predictive Modelling

A great place to start testing your wits on interesting DS projects is to build a predictive model.

The reason being is that this will tend to take into account the full scope of the model building cycle:

DS projects tend to be 80% data gathering…

I’ve consistently noticed in the data space that there are times when the most thoroughly thought, well structured solutions are rarely what the client/stakeholder wants.

A key to being a successful data scientist is in fact being able to break down the most complex thoughts/algorithms to everyday language so that those working alongside you can also come for the ride.

Everything below will be anonymised due to the sensitivity of the work.

Working in a tech startup has its pro’s and cons. One such thing that blends as both a pro and a con is the lightning quick pace at which tasks develop and need to be delivered.

When I first joined the tech company I work for, my goal was to be the best ML developer I could be so that I would have invaluable skills to offer the team.

This turned out to be the equivalent of scoring the winning goal in a match after playing poorly or snatching a hole in one sandwiched between many bogeys.

The key to…

I recently left my position as an Analytics Consultant in one of the more traditional, well known consulting firms. I knew data science was my biggest passion and wanted to jump ship for the tech world. The interview process can be tiring and frustrating, so hopefully these tips will help ease the pain for someone!

Tailor your CV

The interview is a multistage process beginning (and potentially ending) with the CV. You have to get in the door first before being invited to stay for dinner. With that being said, I made abrupt changes to my CV after being initially unsuccessful.

Tailor your…


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